PASSMN has been around for a long time now. Here are some of the questions that we frequently get from potential and standing members.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is absolutely free, thanks to our gracious Partners and Sponsors.
Reserving a seat for a PASSMN meeting is as easy as clicking on the Reserve button of the meeting that you would like to attend. There are at least 2 good reasons to reserve a seat for a meeting in advance:
  1. We do have limited seating at the monthly meetings, and if you don't reserve a spot you may not get in.
  2. The Microsoft building is secure, and they print name badges for everyone from the list of reservations. If you don't reserve in advance, you will be holding everyone up while the receptionist enters all of the information that you should have provided by reserving your spot in advance.
PASS maintains our distribution list for us. So, please register with PASS if you want to receive our announcements.
4:00-4:15: Registration / Networking / Announcements
4:15-5:45: Presentations
5:45-6:00: Prizes / Giveaways
First, neither registration is required (some people show up without reserving a spot) to attend a PASSMN meeting. And, unfortunately there isn't a way to securely share credentials.
  • The benefit to registering with PASSMN - you get access to additional site functionality and networking opportunities.
  • The benefit to registering with PASS - you will be added to our distribution list, and get notified about upcoming events.
We are committed to providing the best SQL Server content in the Twin Cities and surrounding area. If you have any suggestions for the group, or if you are interested in presenting, please send us an email.
First, thank you for your interest. If you have any sponsorship questions, please send us an email.
  • Meeting sponsor: We try to find a sponsor for every meeting. It is their generosity that provides the food and beverages for our monthly meetings.
  • SQLSaturday sponsor: SQLSaturday is our annual event, and is much more expensive to run than our monthly meetings. SQLSaturday sponsors make this possible.
  • Partner: Other organizations help us with ongoing assistance: providing guidance (PASS), meeting space (Microsoft), or web hosting (Everleap).
We typically meet at the Minneapolis Microsoft Technology Center (which is in Edina) from 4-6 PM. Look for any schedule change in the meeting notice.
3601 76th Street West, Suite 600
Edina, MN 55435
Phone: (952)832-8081
We frequently discuss trying some different options for our meetings. We have found over time that 4-6 PM draws the largest audiences. And we are actively looking for an alternative venue on the North/East side of the Twin Cities, to reach people that may not be able to make the meetings on the SouthWest side of town. If you know of any options for us, please send us an email.

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