2017 Calendar (PASSMN Meetings)

  • PASSMN Meeting: SQL Server DBA Quiz Show (Eric Zierdt)

    4:00-4:10 Kickoff

    Abstract: You are invited to be a participant on the SQL Server DBA Quiz Show; this interactive session will test your knowledge of SQL Server. We will be using an online tool to allow you to submit your answers to questions via a mobile device or laptop. If you have ever played trivia in a bar or restaurant you'll be familiar with the setup for this.

    This session promises to be fast paced and fun and hopefully you will even learn something. This session will also be of value to people who need to interview or be interviewed for SQL Server positions as the questions may be the type of things you might hear in an interview.

    About Eric: Eric is the SQL Server Architect for Boston Scientific, a self-proclaimed Level 70 Database Slayer, he enjoys development, performance tuning, and troubleshooting SQL Server.

    5:25-5:35 Closing

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